About Us

Headquartered in New York City, CenterSys is a multi-faceted software products and services firm, providing proven automation solutions, independent expertise and comprehensive automation products suites to financial institutions, investment advisories, buy- and sell-side brokerages, custodians, and clearing houses.

Since its inception in 2002, CenterSys was able to achieve a 100% client retention rate, ensuring recurring success of each product and service we provide by leveraging our absolute commitment to customer satisfaction. Unsurpassed technology expertise is at the cornerstone of our service offerings, enabling our clients to parley our know-how into the competitive advantage in their businesses.

Today's businesses are informed and disciplined purchasers of information technology solutions and services. When you demand value, superior functionality, unparalleled service and a rapid return on every investment dollar, depend on CenterSys as a strategic business partner.

We will invest in your success by providing you with best-in-class automation solutions and services that revolve around proprietary group of sophisticated time-tested software technologies and platforms. We implement, customize, and upgrade your enterprise software and ensure the rapid deployment of specific technologies by offering unprecedented levels of flexibility and knowledge.

CenterSys recognizes that enterprise software can present numerous complexities and frustrations, especially in the dynamic financial market place. We are equipped to provide your organization with expertise and the skill set required turning the costly, inefficiency prone processes into streamlined "mission-critical" solutions required by the market.

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